I’d name my kid “LEGO”

But that would be weird cause, his favorite toy would have the same name as his. So scratch that. I have a lot of feelings about LEGO. These mini creatures were a big part of my young life as an only child. And god I wish I thought of these first:

1. Wandering LEGO mini-photographer taking photos in London and UK


(C) designtaxi.com

2. My favorite ghostbusting quartet and their Cadillac in LEGO


(C) digitaltrends.com

3. When they recreated scenes from StarWars and Indiana Jones


(C) mymodernmet.com

4. A virtual (and online) baseplate where you can build with virtual LEGO bricks


(C) buildwithchrome.com

5. These awesome stickers on Facebook.


(C) thenextweb.com

6. The Bible’s New Testament, told in LEGO.


(C) huffingtonpost.com

7. These ingenious Master Builders who invented a robot that solves the Rubik’s Cube.

(C) youtube.com/user/ARMflix